Metal Stud Drywall Partitioning

Man Installing Drywall metal stud partition

Fastest and most common way to Partition off spaces is metal stud drywall partitioning as it has the a fast lead in time given that we hold in stock. The Metal studs comes in different gauges depending on the height, strength and application. Next is the drywall board type which is decided on also by the application. This are fire rating, sound proofing, moisture resistance, thermal resistance and impact resistance. Sometimes two layers of boards will be applied to achieve the right specification for a given application. Their are also specialist board such as Biocote® which is powder coating applied to give an advanced anti bacterial finish for use in Hospitals, Care Homes, General Practices, Kitchens and Laboratories etc. Unique Fitout keep most metal stud and drywall board types in stock for a fast turn around on our projects. Their are also other specialist board which may not be in stock. It is important that the correct combination be used from the get go which we at Unique Fitout fully understand and are happy helping with your specifications for a given project application.

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