System 3000

Angler View System 3000

SAS System 3000 is a nominal 75mm (3”) relocatable office partitioning system that provides both fire and acoustic performance. It is available in any combination of solid, fully glazed or part glazed elevations with a square, radiused or wrap around profile.
Comprising a galvanised steel stud framework with aluminium profiles and cover trims, it can be installed as single centre, single offset or double glazed or faced with either single or double layers of 12.5mm thick gypsum plasterboard.
Door frames are supplied as manufactured kits for rapid on site fitting with a range of integrating doors available.
The overall thickness of the system is 94mm, with all extruded aluminium profiles available as polyester powder coated to a range of colours.
Products available from stock:
A full range of System 3000 components are available from depots as standard in RAL9010 and RAL9006

Acoustic and Fire Performance Summary

 Acoustic Performance Fire Performance Structural Performance
 Solid  Up to 43dB  Up to 30/0 Medium Duty at 3m
Single (Centre Glazed) Up to 34dB Up to 30/0 Severe Duty at 3m
Single (Offset Glazed) Up to 34dB Up to 30/0 Severe Duty at 3m
 Double Glazed  Up to 40dB  Up to 30/0 Severe Duty at 3m

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